Forgotten Isle is a young, up-and-coming video game development studio working out of Tasmania. In 2018, a group of university students came together for a common goal: develop video games in a way that would deliver the same joy they received from design and development to all those who played their games.

This journey is not an easy one, but together we believe that it's a dream worth chasing.

We are not the only Tasmanian game studio; there are several others pursuing similar goals to our own so please check them out and support them!





CEO, Creative Director, Lead Environment Artist, Lead Writer

I am a Businessman/IT Hybrid, I really enjoy leading our Studio as well as creative video game design.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved playing hours upon hours of games and as I learnt how to develop them, my focus changed to making worlds that others would also enjoy.

Story and World Design are my favourite, sitting down with a notepad or a whiteboard and figuring out new ideas is just bliss for me!

Fun fact: I’m damn tall.


Gameplay Programmer, Engine Programmer

I'm Brendan, I'm a uni graduate turned programmer.

I'm interested in making games because such a dynamic, ever-changing industry is highly intriguing.

The ability to express oneself to such a wide audience is why I want to be a part of the studio.

Fun fact: Gacha games are a guilty pleasure of mine.




Gameplay Programmer, Engine Programmer

I started making games solo in high school, so working together in this endeavour will be an interesting paradigm shift that I look forward to seeing.

Level editors is where I started to get the urge to make games. The creativity that is involved in game development is the main reason I am interested in this industry.

Aside from the creativity as noted above, programming and making the various systems of a game come to life and watching it work, I would say I enjoy most.

Fun fact: I watch too much anime.


Lead Level Designer, Writer

I started playing around with different Video game editors while I was in college, then at university I started to create small scale games from scratch.

Playing multiplayer games with my friends is when I first got into them, so a natural progression was to learn how to make similar games and share them with my friends.

Being able to write stories that can really captivate players into seeing the story through and building levels that make gameplay fun but also challenging at the same time.

Fun fact: D&D is my favourite sport.




Lead Character Artist and Animator

I'm in charge of designing and developing characters for the studio.

Why not? Games are an enjoyable and rewarding medium to apply my skills and allow me to focus my time into projects that interest me.

Seeing something that you dreamt up, whether it be a character or a world, come to life within a game makes all the hours’ worth it.

Fun fact: My favourite game is Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.



If you'd like to get in contact with us send us a message below!

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